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RentalPoint is a true multi-user access system that uses MS SQL. From v11 and later, 
RentalPoint is compatible with SQL 2008, SQL 2008 Express and SQL 2012. Support for SQL 2005 is limited. 

User Interface

RentalPoint is a true Windows GUI, it is intuitive and easy to use.

Running RentalPoint on an Apple/Mac

RentalPoint does  not have a Mac version of the software. However you may install  RentalPoint on a Windows desktop or Windows Server and connect to it  from a Mac using Remote Desktop. To download the Mac version of Remote  desktop/Terminal services go to the Apple store and search "Microsoft Remote Desktop". Using this method RentalPoint will run at FULL speed, this is not emulation software.

Cloud Server Option

Please  see our cloud server web page,  using this option you may connect to a  RentalPoint cloud server from your Apple Mac, the advantages are many  including complete management and backup of the hosted server,  please  click here for cloud options.

RentalPoint  is aware of third party windows emulators that are available for the  Mac (Parallels etc). While it may be possible to run RentalPoint within  this sort of environment we do not support any third party emulators or  the operation of RentalPoint within them.

Running RentalPoint on a Tablet

RentalPoint Software will run on a tablet via remote desktop services,  to run this way requires downloading an app (iPad, Android),  and connecting to a server,  this can be either a cloud server or one of your own servers,  please see the demo video available to download from our main page for an example of RentalPoint running on an iPad. For the recommended Remote Desktop Client;  Look in your app store for the 2X RDS client.

Minimum System Requirements 

    1.2 Ghz CPU
    1 GB Ram
    20 Gigs Storage
    Windows Server 2008, 2012
    Windows Vista Business or higher
    Windows 7,8,10 Professional or Higher
    Monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher

64 Bit Operating Systems 

RentalPoint has been tested and verified on 64 bit Windows Server 2008 (including R2) and Windows 7 64 bit.  Modern 64 bit Windows versions work just like 32 bit ones, and there are no problems with using RentalPoint on 64 bit Windows operating systems.

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Video & Screenshot Demos


Check out our online video demo to see these great features in action. Read More


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Check out our detailed SCREENSHOT TOUR of RentalPoint.

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