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Advanced Features

Crew Module
Calculate crew charges using straight time, over time, double time, hourly or daily. Also supports short turn around. Print crew and job schedules. Enter actual working hours, display technician tasks on a Google calendar and iPhone,  click here for video.

Interactive Day Book
Displays scheduled jobs that are leaving and returning to the warehouse.

Assign multiple jobs to a single project and produce single invoice.

Crystal Reports Integration
Create custom reports.

Anticipated Shortage Resolution
Single window to control allocation of Cross Rentals, Transfers, Purchase orders and Substitutions.

Booking Status
4 levels of booking status to reserve equipment.

Version Tracking
Allows each version of a job to be viewed. Differential picking list shows equipment additions and deletions on jobs.

  Advanced Operator Security
Assign operators to security groups, enable and disable access to more than 100 options and features in the system, setup passwords and preferences.

Multiple Price Lists and Price Sets
Allows multiple custom price lists for each product. For example, you may assign clients to a corporate price list, hotel price list, national tour price list or trade price list.

Document Management
All quotes, proposals, invoices, packing lists and collection dockets are attached to the job and can be viewed and opened from a single window.

Audit Trails
Logs when a job was created, modified, invoiced and returned. Also displays who modified it and when.

  Price Overrides
Tracks when the standard price for equipment has been overridden or discounted by the operator.

Product Accessories
Prompts for accessories when products are selected in a quote/proposal. Ensures all required components and optional accessories are selected.

Product Alternatives
Allows operators to select alternative equipment when there is an anticipated shortage.

Preparation Time
Allows equipment to be reserved while it is being prepped in the warehouse. Generally used for large jobs that require equipment to be prepared days/weeks in advance.

Quick and Easy Product Setup
Displays equipment in a tree view which shows folders for groups of related equipment, assets, alternatives,
components and accessories. Also supports drag and drop for easy organization.

Maintain tax authority details for each state/province. Apply and select taxes on a job by job basis.

Freight Charges
Freight charges by weight, service, company (UPS, FedEx etc.) and zone.

Long Term Billing
Cycle bill clients for long term jobs on a weekly, bi weekly, 28 day, monthly or quarterly basis.

Multiple Breakouts
Allows jobs to be split into separate breakouts for events. Commonly used in hotels and convention centers to bill for equipment used in multiple rooms/halls at different times/dates over a multi-day event.

Insurance Certificates
Check insured values against the value of the job.

Product Statistical Analysis
Displays which group, category or product is earning the best return on investment and utilization.

Calculate Depreciation of Assets
Calculate depriciation on individual assets or as a register, supports multiple depreciation methods.

Preferences Setup
Includes over 1,000 selectable parameters to setup pricing, business rules and preferences. These options modify RentalPoint to fit your business rules and preferences.


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