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Connect to your own RentalPoint Cloud server from anywhere that has an Internet connection. You can connect using a PC or a Mac. Update your job schedule, price orders, print to your local printer, email quotes and get your work done.

No need for IT, or in house servers.

No need to backup your data, we do it for you.

For pricing and to connect to our demo cloud server please click the button below and fill out the form.

  • web based rental software

    Cloud Hosting Features

    • Print to your local printers from the cloud hosted server.
    • We backup the data for you to a remote server. The backup consists of daily and weekly images.
    • Your server can grow as your business grows. The cloud is a virtual server, in this virtual setup it has sufficient virtual CPU cores and RAM for small companies, more for larger companies. If performance is not good enough. the power can be increased within minutes.
    • FAST: Our cloud virtual servers feature Solid State Drives (SSD), plus are dedicated to your company,  you do not share a server with anyone. else.
    • In the event of a server failure, your virtual server will be failed over to another physical server.
    • You will no longer require your own server(s) to run RentalPoint. You can connect from anywhere, from any PC or Mac that has internet access.
    • You can install and use accounting software on the server at no additional charge.
    • The server is managed by RentalPoint Software Inc. This includes adding or deleting user accounts, fine tuning MS SQL Updating Windows and installing RentalPoint updates.
    • The version of RentalPoint running on cloud hosted servers is the standard Windows version, it is not a web or browser based version.
    • Cloud hosting prices include RentalPoint Software in the configuration that you select. If you already own or rent RentalPoint then contact us for hosted pricing. For pricing in your local currency please contact your local dealer. There is no up front payment other than the first 3 months of rental and hosting.
    • Download our Cloud TV advertisement, click here.

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