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Tired of using ACT!, Goldmine or other non integrated solutions? With the RentalPoint Contact Management Module your company will have a single integrated solution with a single prospect and customer database.

Don’t just wait for the phone to ring! Tired of wasting buckets of money on advertising waiting for customers to come to you? Go directly to your customers! The Contact Management Module from RentalPoint makes it easy with targeted email and fax broadcast campaigns. The Contact Management Module is designed for your event driven rental operation.


Quick Overview

  • Tracks sales prospects, customers and competitors
  • Call Lists and Activity Lists 
  • Email and Fax Broadcasts 
  • Telemarketing scripts with playback and result gathering 
  • Easy to use calendar for appointments and events 
  • Integrate Contacts with MS Outlook 
  • Track Operator activities and availability 
  • Top Potential Report 
  • Referral Report 
  • Sales Forecasts 
  • Sales Industry Chart


Advanced Features

Account Management
Sales and service professionals can quickly find account details and a complete history for each account, allowing them to better understand accounts, track products and shipping and establish new business opportunities with existing accounts.

Contact Management
Contact Management provides detailed profiling, activity tracking and critical relationship overviews for each customer contact.

Activity Management
Sales and service personnel can log and track action items, delegate tasks to other team members and ensure that customer expectations are met in a timely manner.

E-mail and Fax Integration
Fully integrated with popular MAPI-compliant e-mail and fax software, permits sales and service professionals to rapidly send information, product literature and correspondence to customers.

Time Management
A complete set of time management tools provides broad access to contact, calendar and activity information, permitting individuals to view and schedule appointments in daily and weekly formats and set alarms. The calendar, activity and contact information entered here can then be synchronized with other systems, such as Microsoft Outlook.

Correspondence and Fulfillment
Complete integration with Microsoft Word allows sales and service representatives to send invitations, thank you notes, letters and other correspondence to their contacts.

Data Import-Export Manager
Data Manager manages the exchange of bulk imports of prospect lists and exports to legacy systems.

Opportunity Management
Field sales and telesales professionals can manage all aspects of their sales opportunities, with up-to-the-minute sales data about target accounts, product interest, pricing and historical activity.

Quote Generation
Sales professionals can develop, verify, submit, revise and track quotes tailored to a customer’s unique requirements. Items are automatically accessed from multiple rental and sales price lists, with standard and line item discounts applied.

List Management
Marketing and sales professionals can develop and execute sophisticated campaigns across all customer touch points. Management functionality allows easy measurement of each campaigns’ success. Allows marketing professionals to develop and target specific markets with well-tailored marketing campaigns. It provides automated list management capabilities to develop and load lists from both internal and external sources. Campaigns
can be executed via multiple channels including direct sales and telephone, resulting in well-qualified leads and new sales opportunities. Track campaign results by actual responses.

Email Marketing
E-mail marketing has become the marketing medium of the decade. Newsletters, updates and announcements are helping businesses connect with their customers on a more intimate level and retain awareness with them when it comes time to make purchasing decisions. Marketers can target their customers and prospects with automatically generated e-mail communications, Web offers and promotions, and then track the results and responses they receive. Marketers can create targeted, personalized e-mail campaigns. Both HTML and text based e-mail formats are supported.

rental management software

rental management software


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